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Tuan Records is a music production and record label operating in Bucharest, Romania, that specialises in the development of artists and bands for commercial release.

Date and place of birth: December 27, 1997, Bucharest. It started from childhood different sports activities (athletics, handball, basketball, swimming etc.) and artistic (piano, singing, ceramics, sports dance etc.) She sang in the choir for three years and studied the psaltic music. At age 13, she began the Street Dance classes where she was part of two dance groups: Stereo Dance Crew and Rebirth Crew, also taking part in shows and contests. During the high school she was the organizer of the prom and choreographer.

She was the choreographer for charity flashmobs for Down Syndrome children, both for general and college students.She has TV shows for TVR1, PRO TV and ANTENA 1. She is the former dancer of the artists Mircea Eremia and Thalida Trofin. During the faculty she was the choreographer for prom. In 2016, she started vlogging, currently having nearly 200,000 subscribers. She was there for fan attended for YouTube and such as You2Be, Come and Meet Us, Youstars, etc. In 2016 she started working as a photographer at Newton Bar in the capital. In 2017 she graduated from Fashion Designs, and in 2018 professional make-up artist courses at Ilbah Workshops. In 2017 she set up her Deeix Class dance school where he started his choreography career, setting up the Iconic dance band with which she participated in performances (Antena 1, Youstars, Palace Hall) and dance contests winning the 1st place (Andra Gogan Festival , In pasi de dans). She participated as a juror at „In pasi de dans II”, dance contest. She is an artist of the Tuan Records Production House, has collaborated with Any1 and Tuan for „Se lasa jos” and released „Genul meu„.


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